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SBI Clerk 2021 Salary, Job Profile & Growth


SBI Clerk Salary 2021: Check In Hand Salary, Pay Scale, Allowances & Benefits

The State Bank of India organizes the SBI Clerk exam every year to recruit eligible candidates for clerical posts. The exam has two stages, which are the prelims and mains.

The State Bank of India has announced any official notification about SBI Clerk 2021 examination. The below information is based on the SBI 2021 Clerk examination. 

  • For 2021, the official notification was out for about 5000 vacancies.
  • The SBI Clerk 2021 prelims were in the months of June 2021 (tentative). 
  • SBI Clerk mains exam is expected to take place on 31st July 2021 (tentative). Meanwhile, you can have some questions regarding the salary structure for SBI Clerk.
  • Getting to know the pay scale and perks, keep you motivated to do the work properly.
  • Cracking a job at SBI is indeed prestigious. Let us now discuss in detail the SBI Clerk Salary Job Profile, pay scales, and everything in detail.
  • By the end of this article, you will have a fair idea about the Indian salary structure for SBI Clerk, the probation period, and all the relevant details. 

SBI Clerk Salary 2021 

In addition to various increments, the salary of an SBI Clerk in India stands INR 19,900 (17,900 plus two advance increments admissible to graduates). There are multiple components added to the salary structure of an SBI Clerk. The exact details are given in the below table. 

SBI Clerk Salary India Basic Pay INR 17,900Salary after 1st increment INR 20,900Salary after 2nd increment INR 24,590Salary after 3rd increment INR 30,560Salary after 4th increment INR 42,600Salary after 5th increment INR 45,930Salary after 6th increment INR 47,920
Dearness Allowances INR 5311.58 
House Accommodation INR 1176.5
Transport Allowance INR 425
Gross with HRA INR 19589.87

SBI Clerk 2021 Pay Scale 

The SBI Clerk salary structures are generally variable depending on the states. Evidently, the ones with a posting in the urban areas especially in the metropolitan cities get more figures as compared to that of the rural postings. 

The basic pay for SBI Clerk is INR 11,756 with an increment of INR 655. After the period of three years, the figures jump to INR 13, 730 as the annual increment goes to INR 815. After three years, the figures get to INR 16,175 with an increment of INR 980. The maximum figures can get to INR 31,450. 

SBI Clerk Salary: In-hand Salary

A Clerk or junior associate in SBI receives an approximate amount of Rs. 23,000/- (in-hand) including the DA. The in-hand salary of SBI Clerk usually lies in the range of Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 22,000/-, which mostly depends on the location of the posting

SBI Clerk Salary Slip 

Collaborating the basic pay, the allowances, the gross monthly income of an SBI Clerk can jump to INR 25,000. The figures are likely to vary depending on the city the candidate is posted. 

SBI Clerk Probation Period 

The selected candidates can undergo a probation period for a maximum of 6 months. The new joiners need to get through the e-lessons as prescribed by the regulating body. In case of an exception, the probation period might get an extension. Before the probation period completes, there’s a review of the candidates’ works. 

SBI Clerk Salary Perks and Allowances 

The perks of being an SBI Clerk comes with tons of graces. It ain’t only limited to the basic pay scale but has ample benefits and allowances facilities. The major benefits are as follows. 

  1. Dearness Allowances 
  2. Medical Insurance 
  3. House Rent Allowances 
  4. Transport 
  5. City Allowances 
  6. Furniture costs 
  7. Primary necessities: Cleansing issues, petrol, newspaper etc. 

After clearing the SBI Clerk examination, the clerk enjoys the following perks:

  • Stability
  • Financial Security
  • Pension under New Pension Scheme(NPS)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Provident Fund

Allowances vary from the place of posting. The employees are provided with a provident fund, pension under New Pension Scheme, Medical, Leave fare and other facilities.

SBI Clerk 2021 Promotion 

The SBI Promotion can be of two different types. 

In Cadre Promotions for SBI Clerk 

  • Any candidate, being in the service for 10 years, can get promoted to the post of Senior Assistant with a special allowance of INR 18000. 
  • Candidates being in the service for 20 years, will be promoted to the post of Special Assistant with a special allowance of 25000, considered as DRA, HRA. 
  • Any candidate who is in service for the last 30 years, will get a promotion to the post of Special Senior Assistant with an allowance of INR 35000, being considered for HRA and DRA. 

Promotion to Trainee Officer 

  • A candidate serving the Clerk post for 30 years, can get a promotion to the post of Trainee officer after they clear an interview and written test. 


After serving six years under fast track promotion or twelve years under normal track promotion, the candidate can get promotion to Junior Scale Officer Grade 1, after clearing the written test and interview. 

SBI Clerk Salary – Yearly Increment 

Period Basic Pay in INR Increment in INR
First Three Years 11,765655
Next Three Years 13,730815
Another 4 Years 20,095 2120
The next seven years 28,8101310
After One year 31, 540

This was the overall overview of the SBI Clerk salary job profile. Keep following our website to get all the updates related to the SBI Clerk exam 2021.

Check SBI Clerk Official Notification

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